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  27th March 2024  
  Effective Immediately  

IHRA Australia, in conjunction with Nitro Funny Car, has moved to mandate racing to the 1000-foot mark for competition, effective immediately. This will see the Awesome Nitro Funny Cars now competing at the next round of their NDRC Championship at the Majestic Sydney Dragway, which will be the first time in Australian Drag Racing history in a long time to have both the Nitro Funny Car and Top Fuel Dragster competing at the same event, which will undoubtedly be a spectacle not to be missed.

IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen said in a statement that this will certainly show the US counterparts just how professional and motivated the Australian Funny Car scene is in throwing down international standard elapsed times in these spectacularly wild and crazy cars. And with the race to be the first into the IHRA Australia 1000-foot record books, another race from the teams eager to stamp their name on that achievement, Allen stated.

IHRA Australia

  22nd March 2024  
  Attention all Racers
Please be advised that the IHRA Helmet Matrix has been updated, with the ECE R22-06 being placed on the Matrix.

  13th Dec 2023  

IHRA Australia is pleased to confirm that insurance has been procured through the Lloyds of London channels and can now confirm it has a fit-for-purpose public property and liability policy to the value of $50 million.


This fit-for-purpose policy has been put together by the AON Insurance Company, and we can’t thank Blake McMillan enough for his tireless effort and persistence in getting this organized. We are looking forward to a long relationship with AON.


We would also like to thank Stephen Whyte and his team from AASA for being fantastic in offering event-by-event support to IHRA Australia.


So, what does this mean? Well, the policy will be made public on our website in the upcoming days. This is a fully inclusive policy from Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars right through to Junior Drag Bike.


This also includes a return for our two-wheel counterparts, who we are aware are itching to hit some of the fastest drag strips in the country. With the inclusion of “The Bend” in next year's portfolio of IHRA sanctioned facilities and Willowbank Raceway set to open in January pending final track works and sign-off, 2024 is set to be a cracker for all of our IHRA Australia license holders and sanctioned facilities.


We look forward to seeing you all at the track!!

  Yours in Drag Racing
Maurice Allen
IHRA Australia
  12th September 2023  

To confirm, IHRA Australia has put in place insurance coverage on an event-by-event basis for its facilities. The cover is for 50 million dollars and will assist IHRA Australia facilities to continue to operate until the full 12-month policy is placed. Unfortunately, the current provider cannot facilitate coverage for motorcycles, and we apologize for this and are working feverishly to rectify this. This issue has arisen after a major motorsport underwriter pulled out of the market this month. Please understand that the PA driver/rider policy was not affected by this decision as it is placed with a seperate underwriter. We will continue to provide our members with updates as they become available.

IHRA Australia

  30th August 2023  
  IHRA Australia would like to offer the following statement to its members in the relation to the public liability insurance policy:  
  Our current underwriter, who provides insurance to a number of motorsports in Australia, has pulled out of the motorsports industry, As a result, we have had to engage a new underwriter, which we have sourced and are awaiting the full policy to be supplied. In the meantime, IHRA Australia has procured $50 million of public liability cover for its venues on an event-by-event basis, and we will provide the new policy details once received.  
  IHRA Australia Sportsman Start Line Crew Procedures Policy  
  25th July 2023  
  Attention All Sportsman Competitors  
  In light of recent incidents, further precautionary measures are going to be implemented at IHRA Australia-sanctioned facilities.  
  In recent times, congestion on the start line has been an issue and can at times make it difficult for the track officials and IHRA stewards to conduct their duties safely, adding pressure to constantly having to remind crew to vacate the start line once their vehicle has completed its run. As such, a full review has been undertaken with input from our major facilities, and this sees a new start line procedure policy being introduced.  
  As a reminder, the start line is for crew who have a role directly attached to the vehicle they support.  
  We ask that everybody take the time to review this with their team and understand their compliance with these new measures to help improve start-line safety.  
  These new start line procedures will be rolled out at your IHRA Australia facility over the coming month, please be ready, procedures will be available via your venues and IHRA Australia Social Media platforms.  
  28th June 2023  

In relation to a series of events over the last 12 month that have occurred on Australian drag strips with vehicles running in the Pro Slammer and IHRA Australia Pro Mod Categories.


A review has been undertaken at a series of the past events in relation to the performance, driver behavior, aerodynamics, parachute failures and accidents caused by mechanical failures, there is no doubt that through the advent of mandated rules under IHRA Australia that Electrimotion, Dual Net Systems, Sand Traps, attention to track prep have all aided in lifting the safety standards for these categories, with the recent increase in performances base on state of the art technology these particular vehicles are pushing boundaries far greater than what we see internationally. As a result, IHRA Australia will be implementing the following recommendations as follows. 

  • All sedan type vehicles to be restricted to 260mph (418kph)  

IHRA Australia feels strongly that these guidelines must be implemented immediately until we can implement more specific updates to certain areas of these vehicles, IE: aerodynamics, down force, and other updates. IHRA Australia will also be implementing a driver standards policy along with the above-mentioned. 


Please Note: A racer will receive an initial warning and will be logged appropriately and any further breaches of these performance guidelines will see them excluded from the event.

  26th May 2023  
  The National Drag Racing Championship has unveiled an exciting 11-round national championship calendar for Group One categories today at The Bend Dragway.  
  The new NDRC was announced on the 10th of May, unifying Australian drag racing under one national championship for both Group One and Sportsman competitors under the guiding principle of ‘One Way, Forward.’  
  The Group One calendar will commence in action-packed fashion with back-to-back racing weekends at The Bend Dragway on October 21-22 with Burson Top Fuel and Sydney Dragway October 27-28 with Nitro Funny Car.  
  Rounds three and four will round out 2023 at the Perth Motorplex in November 24-25 with Nitro Funny Car, and Willowbank Raceway in December 1-2 with Burson Top Fuel.  
  2024 opens with fireworks at the Bend on January 13-14 with Nitro Funny Car. January 26-27 sees round six at Sydney Dragway with Burson Top Fuel before the show travels again to Willowbank Raceway with Nitro Funny Car on February 16-17.  
  The NDRC heads to Perth Motorplex for the Westernationals on March 2-3 with Burson Top Fuel. Top Fuel returns to The Bend for round nine on April 6-7, with that event to also include the Aeroflow National Sportsman Grand Finals.  
  The penultimate round of the NDRC Group One championship will be held with Burson Top Fuel at Sydney Dragway with the Nitro Champs on May 3-4.  
  All Group 1, including the Burson Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Car Championships, head to the all-in mega Grand Final spectacular to be held at Willowbank Raceway’s Winternationals in June.  
  Race day for all eleven rounds will be broadcast live and free on the Seven Network’s digital streaming platform, 7plus, while 7mate and 7plus will each air post-produced highlight specials.  
  Andy Lopez, NDRC co-promoter said today, “We’re really proud of this calendar. There are eleven amazing events at Australia’s premier drag racing facilities, headlined by either the Burson Top Fuel Championship or the Nitro Funny Car Championship, with Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol, Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Pro Stock Motorcycle and the country’s best Sportsman racers.  
  “For competitors, this means a true national championship and a unified sport. For race fans, it means unbeatable shows with the best Australian drag racing has to offer.  
  “The NDRC’s motto is ‘One Way, Forward.’ We all race in the same direction, for the same reason, and it is our hope that with the NDRC having unified this great sport, we can bring it the attention and respect it deserves.”  
  “Taking it all up a notch is the fact that these eleven NDRC Group One events will benefit from unprecedented levels of broadcast exposure thanks to the NDRC’s landmark deal with Australia’s home of motorsport, the Seven Network,” Nathan Prendergast, NDRC co-promoter and Head of TV added.  
  “Never before has Australian drag racing benefited from this kind of coverage – this is truly a new era for the sport.  
  From a racer perspective, this new calendar will ensure that Group One competitors have the opportunity to not only race for one unified national title, but to do so all over the country at Australia’s best drag strips.”
“Having all of the awesome racers and brackets racing together again all over the country and under the one NDRC banner is incredibly exciting,” said two-time Top Fuel champion, Phil Lamattina.
  “This eleven round calendar is something that all at Lamattina Top Fuel Racing are thrilled to be a part of. We can’t wait to light the candles at the first event at The Bend, and at many events after that, as this new era of Australian drag racing bursts into life.”  
  For venues, the NDRC looks to create a true showcase of Australian drag racing, in a return to the heyday of packed grandstands and sell-out crowds.  
  NDRC Communications Manager Adrian Hodgson was joined by the Hon. Stephen Mullighan MP and The Bend Motorsport Park CEO Alistair MacDonald at The Bend Dragway today to officially unveil the calendar, with the latter stating, “We cannot put into words how excited we are for the fans and competitors of Drag Racing and the people of South
Australia to have a new home for the sport right here at The Bend.
  “To see the $35 million investment by the Shahin family through the Peregrine Corporation rewarded with hosting the opening round of the 23/24 National Drag Racing Championship is a credit to the key stakeholders in Drag Racing and the SA government.  
  “It’s going to be fantastic for SA and for the region, so we look forward to seeing you all at The Bend in October.”  
  As part of the announcement of the Group One calendar dates today, a number of dates were also confirmed for the NDRC Sportsman Series.
Adrian Hodgson, NDRC Communications Manager says, “The full Aeroflow Sportsman Championship calendar is well advanced. There is Sportsman Championship racing at most NDRC Group 1 events and we’re in discussions with venues in Victoria and QLD to round out the Eastern Conference.
  “I can confirm that the Summit Series already committed to by ANDRA until December 31 will be recognised as part of this year’s Western Conference, and that the series will continue as the Aeroflow Championship Western Conference from January 1, 2024. The complete Aeroflow Sportsman Championship calendar will be announced on
June 14, including how racers qualify for the National Grand Final at The Bend.”
  For the full NDRC Group One Championship dates, please see below.  
   Round 1 – The Bend Dragway – 21-22 October 2023 – featuring Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top
Doorslammer, Pro Stock Motorcycle, plus Sportsman Western Conference racing.
   Round 2 – Sydney Dragway – 27-28 October 2023 – featuring Nitro Funny Car, Pro Alcohol, Pro Stock and Pro
Mod, plus Sportsman Eastern Conference racing.
   Round 3 – Perth Motorplex – 24-25 November 2023 (Goldenstates) – featuring Nitro Funny Car, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol, plus Sportsman Western Conference racing.  
   Round 4 – Willowbank Raceway – 1-2 December 2023 – featuring Top Fuel, Pro Alcohol, Pro Mod, plus Sportsman Eastern Conference racing + QDRC Final.  
   Round 5 – The Bend Dragway – 13-14 January 2024 – featuring Nitro Funny Car, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol, plus Sportsman Western Conference racing.  
   Round 6 – Sydney Dragway – 26-27 January 2024 – featuring Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle, plus Sportsman Eastern Conference racing.  
   Round 7 – Willowbank Raceway – 16-17 February 2024 – featuring Nitro Funny Car, Pro Alcohol, Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Pro Stock Motorcycle, plus Sportsman Eastern Conference racing.  
   Round 8 – Perth Motorplex – 2-3 March 2024 (Westernationals) – featuring Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer plus Sportsman Western Conference racing.  
   Round 9 – The Bend Dragway – 6-7 April 2024 – featuring Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer and Pro Stock, plus the Sportsman National Grand Final.  
   Round 10 – Sydney Dragway – 3-4 May 2024 (Nitro Champs) – featuring Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer, Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Pro Stock Motorcycle, plus Sportsman Eastern Conference racing.  

 Round 11 (Grand Final) – Willowbank Raceway – 6-9 June 2024 (Winternationals) – featuring Top Fuel, Nitro Funny Car, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol, Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Pro Stock Motorcycle, plus Sportsman Eastern Conference racing.
Sanctioning for each event will follow the in-place agreements held by each venue.

  IHRA AUSTRALIA | PO Box 200 | COOLUM BEACH | QLD | 4573 | 07 5324 1360  

We are aware of recent social media commentary relating to IHRA’s Personal Accident insurance with specific reference to the payment of medical bills. Consistent with IHRA’s ongoing commitment of transparency, as evidenced by the publication of IHRA insurance policies on its website, we think it is important to clarify for the benefit of members the factual framework attached to this matter.

 At the outset we affirm IHRA’s commitment to supporting its members as much as is practicable and within the law and scope of its insurance policies in their unfortunate time of need following an accident. We also recognise and share some frustrations experienced with the process in the past. To this end, we terminated our arrangement with our previous broker in April 2023 and engaged the services of a new broker with a depth of experience in these complex policy arrangements.


Personal accident cover

The current IHRA policy provides a level of cover for non-Medicare medical expenses like ambulance, chiropractor, physiotherapy and osteotherapy. Due to specific legislation outlined below, general insurers cannot cover any out of hospital expenses that have a Medicare component. Therefore, if a claim for medical or other treatment has a Medicare Item Number, such as a doctor’s fee, it can be claimed via Medicare and is therefore uninsurable by general insurers. This applies generally to such insurance policies and IHRA is no different in this regard to any other sanctioning body and/or bodies that provide personal accident insurance to their members.


Legislative framework

When Medicare was introduced in 1984 the government amended the National Health Act 1953 (Cth), the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth), and later the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 (Cth), ensuring insurers were locked out from providing full cover for any medical expenses that Medicare was to cover. These laws state that where there is a contract of insurance, the insurer isn’t liable to make a payment for anything that is rendered by these Acts. The onus is thus on Medicare to cover the client and any gap to be picked up under their own private health insurance if applicable.

 When considering the above, we can confirm IHRA’s Sports Group Personal Accident policy with Blend is compliant with the above legislative provisions and consistent with the market standard for similar group general insurance products.


Support available

If members require further explanation commensurate with their individual circumstances or experience frustration with the claims process, please contact your local IHRA representative or myself and we would be pleased to assist. Complex and often very personal circumstances like this are not the province of social media commentary, and consistent with its commitment to privacy principles IHRA will not discuss or enter into public commentary regarding an individual member or claim, it is unlawful to do so and totally inappropriate.


Kind regards

Maurice Allen

CEO | IHRA Australia
  Well it's Official, One series moving forward for the sport of Australian Drag Racing, we look forward to receiving the Championship at our IHRA Sanctioned facilities and see thia as a great opportunity for our regional venues as wqell to be a part of moving forward.  
  10 May 2023  
  New National Drag Racing Championship to Unify Australian Drag Racing Competition  
  Australia – Andy Lopez and Nathan Prendergast, the team behind the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship, have today announced the creation of the National Drag Racing Championship (NDRC). The NDRC is the new, unified national championship for drag racing in Australia.  
  The NDRC represents a new era for drag racing in Australia, with Top Fuel, Nitro Funny Car, Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol, Pro Stock, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Pro Stock Bike, Pro Mod, and Sportsman all having the opportunity to race in one national championship series.  
  The NDRC calendar will be announced on May 26 from The Bend Dragway following final consultation with Group 1 associations. It will feature eleven championship events headlined by either the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship or the Nitro Funny Car Championship, bringing more nitro racing to Australian drag racing fans than ever before, with a single Grand Final event for all professional categories in 2024 at the Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway. This mega event sees the Burson Top Fuel Championship and Nitro Funny Cars Championship come together with Group 1 for the first time.  
  According to NDRC co-promoter Andy Lopez, "The National Drag Racing Championship represents a massive opportunity for the sport to go one way forward. The statement “One way, forward” has become our mantra. We’ve taken the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship to venues all over Australia, and that’s given us a good chance to listen to what racers and fans want. And racers and fans want a positive drag racing scene where racers fight for a single national title in their category. What is really clear is that everybody wants what’s best for the sport. We won’t all agree all the time, but if we’re respectful and positive, the sport will be in a good place.  
  “Drag racing is an awesome sport. Every day people head out to their track, put on a race suit and a helmet, and then belt down a racetrack as fast as they can. If you’re a fan, every seat in the house is a great seat, and you can wander the pits and see the cars and the drivers. It looks amazing on TV and there’s a racing win every couple of minutes. Drag Racing should become Australia’s favourite motorsport, and to do that we have to win on and off the track. Once we get the Championship humming, we’ll focus on other challenges like pathways into the sport."  
  Reigning Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Champion Peter Xiberras added, “Unity is the most essential thing required for drag racing to succeed. Top Fuel is in a really good place right now, and it’s going to be awesome to see that brought to all the racing categories. Fans are coming back to the track in droves, the television package has never looked better, and things are looking up for the sport that I love.”  
  In more great news, Aeroflow has thrown their support behind the national Sportsman Championship series. The Aeroflow Sportsman Championship will run at both NDRC Group 1 events and standalone shows at regional tracks. Regional tracks will be invited to host and manage the standalone events as they have done with previous championships, with strong marketing and communications support from the NDRC team.  
  The new sportsman championship will run in an Eastern and Western Conference format. This takes into account the real challenges of travel for racers all over the country. There will be an Eastern and a Western conference Championship awarded, leading into a single, all-in Grand Final in 2024. The Western Conference will comprise events held in WA, SA, and NT, while the Eastern Conference is made up of events in QLD, NSW, and VIC. Regional tracks in border areas in SA and VIC will have the opportunity to choose the conference that best suits their needs.  
  An NDRC Sportsman Advisory Group will be established to give Sportsman racers and officials a voice in calendar, safety, rules and other issues affecting Sportsman racing.  
  Morice McMillin from Aeroflow says, “As both a sponsor and a racer, this is a really good day. With my racing helmet on, I just want to get out on the track and race for a single championship. As a sponsor, Aeroflow loves the Sportsman category as much as we love our Nitro Funny Cars, and I’m really happy to announce our partnership with this new sportsman championship. We’ll also be continuing our Future Stars program which seeks to support the drag racing stars of tomorrow through mentoring in race craft, sponsorship, and other aspects of professional drag racing.”  
  The NDRC is backed by the management team behind the successful Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship. Andy Lopez and Nathan Prendergast run events and broadcast respectively, and Anthony Clark serves as NDRC Project Head and Group 1 Manager. Adrian Hodgson, Natalie Gatt and Nicole Amelsvoort head up marketing and communications, and the wider OTP team will provide support across event management, marketing and communications. The NDRC welcomes Jason Hedges to lead quality assurance for competition and guide the Sportsman Championship. Commercial opportunities will be managed by Media Scrum.  
  In more good news, all 11 rounds of the National Drag Racing Championship and all race day action will be broadcast live and free in Australia, as well as a number of post-produced highlight shows featuring Group 1 categories. The formal announcement of the NDRC broadcast partnership will be made at 2PM on May 17, 2023.  
  NDRC co-promoter Nathan Prendergast adds, "Our unprecedented broadcast deal is a massive step forward and will give drag racing the exposure it deserves. It's a major achievement for the sport. We all race in the same direction, for the same reasons, and with the introduction of the NDRC, it’s now a reality. I look forward to the announcement on May 17 and bringing Group 1 and Sportsman racing to a worldwide TV audience."  
  400 Thunder director Tony Wedlock commented on the announcement, saying "The National Drag Racing Championship is the next logical step for drag racing in Australia. We met with the NDRC team to hear their plans, and the 400 Thunder Board was satisfied that the NDRC is in the best interests of everyone in the sport we all love so much. Given that, it’s time to retire the 400 Thunder Series and we ask all racers to get behind the NDRC.  
  “The Board is proud of what 400 Thunder has achieved. We’ve brought high quality drag racing events to venues all across the country, broken records, and have been part of growing the sport to a level where it’s ready for this next big step. The Winternationals 2023, headlined by the Nitro Funny Cars, is the final 400T event, and we can’t wait to see this next exciting chapter."  
  The ADRC brand will also be retired. While the NDRC is a fresh start and a new name, all national records, championships, and trophies will be recognised and celebrated by the new Championship. Lopez says “Records and Championships belong to the racers and are an essential part of the history of drag racing. Whether you’re an ADRC Champion, a 400 Thunder Champion, a Summit Series Champion, or you hold any record or trophy, you will be celebrated and recognised by the National Drag Racing Championship for what you’ve achieved.”  
  Nathan Prendergast added, “You only get to a moment like today with the support of a lot of people. I want to thank the Top Fuel teams for being instrumental in leading drag racing into a new future. I also thank the Nitro Funny Car teams for helping to make unity in the sport a reality, and also all the other Group 1 and Sportsman racers who’ve been really generous with their participation and advice.”  
  The NDRC begins in the coming months and promises to be an incredible showcase of speed, power, and skill. Fans of drag racing in Australia will not want to miss out on this exciting new chapter in the sport's history.  
  For more information about the NDRC, please visit the official website at www.nationaldragracing.com.au   
  On Tuesday 21st, IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen pictured with General Manager Steve Bettes and Marketing Manager Vlad Ostashkevich was given a full facility tour of the progressive works of the Dragstrip which sees construction at fever pitch. The facility is impressive and continues to rise like a Phoenix out of the ground in the state of the art build positioned at the Bend Motorsport Park precinct in Tailem Bend. Allen said there were several major milestones achieved between visits which IHRA Australia have proudly been a part of the build and design process.   
  L to R  Vlad Ostashkevich, Steve Bettes & Maurice Allen  
  The facility is moving at a great rate of knots as it edges closer to that ever elusive opening which will no doubt see the sport of drag racing in Australia holding its collective breath with the thought of Top Fuel Dragsters and Top Fuel Funny Cars as well as all of the other Professional categories along with a bursting Sportsman contingent ready from all over Australia both eager to set the pace in establishing new track records and making history by having their names etched into the first records to be set after its Grand Opening.  
  Please continue to follow the Bend Dragway via their media platforms for the latest updates as the facility edges closer to being completed.    
  IHRA Australia are excited to announce that PROX695
has been offered as an EXHIBITION class for both events.
Reciprocal Event Licences
Attention Racers
Reciprocal Event Licences are available for all Sportsman racers with an alternative sanctioning body, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
You can DOWNLOAD and complete this document and send to admin@ihraaustralia.com.au

Click here for online form

  • One-Day Event Licence for Sportsman Categories
  • Cost of IHRA Australia Event Licence is ONLY $50.00 to the Racer
  • Technical Inspect (100% Scrutineering) to be completed at Track by an IHRA Technical Officer (Valid for Event Only).
  • A Reciprocal Event Licence can ONLY be purchased twice in the same season
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative sanctioning body must be provided
  • Request and payment for a Reciprocal Event Licence must be completed prior to the Event.
  • Allocated times will be made available for the vehicle to be inspected
  • Teams responsibility to ensure the vehicle meets all IHRA Australia class regulations and class designations
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with class regulations and class designations
 New Multi Day Reciprocal Event Licence
Attention Racers
IHRA Australia has introduced a new Multi Day Reciprocal Event Licence (MDREL), which is available for all Sportsman racers, with current alternative sanctioning body credentials, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
  1. Download MDREL form
  2. Send to IHRA Australia Head Office with $75.00 fee
  3. Present Vehicle/Bike at Track for Full IHRA Audit
  4. SEND IT

Click here for online form

  • Request and Payment for a MDREL form, must be completed prior to the event.
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative Sanctioning Body must be provided.
  • Teams responsibility to ensure that vehicle meets all IHRA Australia Class regulations and Class designations.
  • Technical Inspect (100% Scrutineering) to be completed at Track by an IHRA Technical Officer (Valid for Event Only).
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with regulations and class designation. 
  7th January 2023  
  It is with great sadness that IHRA Australia announces that Sam Fenech, driver of the Fabietti Racing Pro Slammer, has succumbed to injuries suffered in a racing accident at Willowbank Raceway and passed away this evening.  
  We send our love and support to the Fenech family and the whole team at Fabietti Racing.  
  The accident is under investigation by QLD Police and other agencies, and as such there will be no further public comment.  
Maurice Allen
IHRA Australia
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