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In the most anticipated news to come out of the fog of COVID-19, is the exciting announcement of Heathcote Park Raceway situated in Knowsley, near Bendigo. It’s now in the hands of the new owner Lance Warren and his team. There is no doubt that Lance and his team have certainly set the Australian Drag Racing competitors and fans and sponsors into a frenzy with the regular updates showing the progress of major works that are well and truly underway.
To coincide with this exciting news and the signing of IHRA Australia we are pleased to be able to expand our network and Sanctioning Services to HPR.
IHRA Australia has recently undertaken applications to fill various rolls as part of its partnership with HPR, stated IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen, as a result IHRA Australia will move to provide some upcoming complimentary Tech Inspection days, to be held in conjunction with HPR for racers to attend and enjoy a BBQ, as well as facility announcements relating to the launch of 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing, along with all the other popular events such as: Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series, Jamboree, Grudge Kings, Kenda 660 Series and a number of exciting new events HPR has planned for 2021.
HPR owner, Lance Warren stated today, that he is very pleased with the daily progress taking place at the track in preparation for the upcoming events planned for 2021 and beyond.  He is also stated he is very happy with the positive steps taken by IHRA Australia to support HPR and the Victorian Drag Racing community and is excited for the future of Drag Racing in Australia.
Maurice Allen
IHRA Australia
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