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Date: 30th October 2020

In a major and exciting announcement American Muscle Cars, European Sports Cars Japanese Imports, Electric Hybrids will all feature in a radical new bracket known as REAL STREET.


This announcement heralds a new dawn in the future for Drag Racing and has just widened the front door to the sport dramatically.


IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen is extremely excited about the inception of these two new classes. Our goal here was to look at ways of help growing the membership and introducing new first time competitors for the sustainability of all IHRA Australia Member Tracks, based on current motor vehicles sales in Australia.


This exciting announcement sees the introduction of A/RST and B/RST representing a 9.00 and a 9.50 bottom ET cut off respectively.


As part of this major announcement competitors will now be able to run at all three levels of the sport, from Off Street Events, State Championship rounds and then onto the major  400 Thunder National Drag Racing Series and potentially earning a 400 Thunder Gold Christmas Tree.


Further details of the bracket as follows:


1.   A/RST 2013 and later (compliance) street registered vehicles competing 9.00 sec to 13.99 sec ET/165 MPH.

2.   B/RST 2003 to 2012 (compliance) street registered vehicles competing 9.50 sec to 13.99 sec ET/150 MPH.


Strictly DOT tyres, No Trans Brakes, No Delay Boxes.

Operating under the Dial Your Own Handicap System.


IHRA Australia National Technical Director Tim Nielsen stated these are exciting times, introducing this class will boost the progression of the sport, securing longevity and a clear path moving the sport forward into the future.


The safety and technology in late model sports cars and muscle cars coming into this country is beyond reproach.

Conversations between track promotors, chassis builders and Engine tuners have helped make this new class come to fruition.


These new and exciting class rules have been uploaded into the IHRA Australia Supplementary App, which is available to download on the Apple and Android platforms for FREE.


Stay updated to all the latest news in Drag Racing at www.ihra.com.au


Real Street - The Future has arrived


Maurice Allen


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