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IHRA-Tech e-Bulletin 12. 13th March 2020
Head and Neck Restraint: An active Head and Neck Restraint System is a protection ensemble providing an alternative load path which decreases both neck stress and head excursion during a vehicle impact without reliance on helmet impact into structures or nets.
Separate Restraining Devices:
  • Linkages attached to the helmet which transfer restraining loads directly to the helmet from the main device which is secured to the driver's shoulders, torso, etc. Methods for attachment of these linkages to the helmet and main device shall be prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • The main device shall be a mechanism held tightly to the driver's torso by seat belts or other strap systems such that the reactive load carrying components move directly with the torso and controls head, neck, and torso relative positions during forward or off-centre impact situations.
Reaction Linkage: The means by which the head force necessary to limit displacement of the head with respect to the torso is reacted. Acceptable reaction linkages could include load paths to the torso or to the restraint webbing. Direct attachment to react loads to a fixed point or points on a vehicle structure or restraint webbing will not be acceptable because of the potential for torso displacements with respect to these points. Imposed loading by the reaction linkage to other areas of the body should be applied using approaches demonstrated to be practical without imposing risk of serious injury.
The Head and Neck Restraint System must be designed and manufactured to allow freedom of movement of head, torso, arms, etc., commensurate with operating a race vehicle under all race and associated conditions.
Adjustment and release mechanism(s) shall be accessible to both the user and to external personnel such that no additional motion is required, other than the release of the seat belts, to disengage the Head and Neck Restraint System during emergency situations.
All or any portion of the Head and Neck Restraint System pertaining to this specification shall remain as constructed by the original manufacturer and not modified.
General Reg 2770, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal head restraint
If vehicle faster than 7.99 over 1/4 mile or equivalent 1/8 mile 5.10, then compliant with SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2000 or FIA 8858-2010
General Reg 2780, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal head restraint
Connected in compliance with manufacturer instructions
General Reg 2790, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal head restraint
Use with neck collar
General Reg 2800, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal head restraint
Replaces use of neck collar.
General Reg 2810, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal head restraint
If helmet is approved for the fitting of tether post and eyelets, then assembled and used in accordance with manufacturer.
General Re 2820, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal head restraint
Correctly utilised and helmet correctly connected, from when vehicle is in hands of Starter until vehicle is on return road.
Class Reg 28605, Safety, Driver / Rider, Frontal Head restraint
All Junior Dragster categories A/JD, B/JD and C/JD competitors, , Commencing January 1st 2020 you will be required to wear a head and neck restraint/sysetm meeting SFI 38.1. the device/system must be commercially produced by a manufacturer in the SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint program. The head and neck restraint device/system, when connected, must conform to the manufacturer's mounting instructions and it must be configured, maintained, and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams
IHRA - 28/11/2019
Effective Immediately
AS/NZS 1698-2006 or AS/NZS 1698 - ECE R22-05 - M2010 and M2015 Standards are primarily used in the motorcycle industry only. These helmets do not come with pre drilled / tapped mounting ports for the fitment of the Frontal Head Restraint System.
Therefore these helmets will not be used with the Frontal Head Restraint System. These actions have led to this Bulletin. IHRA Australia Technical Department wish to advise all Junior Dragster Teams that an updated helmet MATRIX has been made available on the IHRA Australia website. http://www.ihra.com.au/helmets.html  
Note: Motorcycle Helmets are strictly prohibited for the use with the Frontal Head Restraint System. 
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