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Thursday 14th December 2017
  • Fast-growing sanctioning body announces new Technical and Adminsistration roles
  • Record growth set to continue with vision of viable future for Australian Drag Racing
Australia's fastest growing Drag Racing sanctionioning body, IHRA Australia is set to expand even further with the announcement of new, Melbourne-based Technical and Adminstration positions.
Confirmation of the new roles is a much-welcomed expansion of resources for the organization, which after just 18 months of operation in Australia already has in excess of 2,200 licenced competitors.
The new appointees will assist IHRA Australia as it expands its Drag Racing operations and looks to cater for new style events such as "roll start" drag racers and Burnouts, both spinoffs of the traditional sport which require their own specialized rules packages and safety guidelins.
The development is being made possible through continues support and investment from the US-based International Hot Road Association head office, and its parent company, IRGSE.
IHRA Australia Managing Director, Maurice Allen said today's announcement demonstrated the IHRA is committed to Australia and it has a vision of a viable and exciting future for drag racing in this country.
"With our membership numbers well ahead of even our own project targets, IHRA Australia is poised to continue to its strong growth, while supporting tracks with cost-effective sanctioning and all racer groups with an affordable licencing platform,"Allen said.
"With the full support of the IHRA head office and IRGSE, we can confidently provide stability to the sport and sustainability to racers and our partner tracks."
Drag Racing continuews to develope  with new products and formats as seen in the highly exciting 400 Thunder Professional and Sportsman series that continues to grow in popularity.
The 400 Thunder Series continues to grow with the support of the IHRA Australia - sanctioned tracks including Sydney Dragway, Willowbank Raceway and Springmount Raceway near Cairnes, all of which have current sanctioning agreements in place.
In addition, construction of the new Wide Bay Motor Complex will comence in 2018, brining a brand-new facility to the Maryborough, Queensland, and region.
400 Thunder General Manager, Kevin Prendergast said IHRA Australia's growht and commitment was yet another positive for the regeration of Australian Drag Racing.
It is pleasing to see that IHRA Australia will provide additional technical resources to oversee racing in 400 Thunder Professional and Sportsman Championships,"Prendergast said.
Further Information can be found at www.ihra.com.au or by emailing: media@ihraaustralia.com.au
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