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  Roll Drags is open to all drivers 18 years or older that hold a current drivers licence, racing all types of road registered vehicles and IHRA Australia-approved race vehicles.  
  Vehicle Requirements  
  • Vehicles must be road registered or capable of being road registered, except in the cases the vehicle has a valid IHRA Australia Vehicle Logbook and Tech Sticker
  • No Wheelie Bars Allowed
  • Off-Streett vehicles must comply with all Off-Street Drag Racing Guidelines set by Sydney Dragway and IHRA Australia
  • IHRA race vehicles must comply with all technical, safety and compliance regulations set in the IHRA Australia Supplementary Rule App.
  • Sydney Dragway and IHRA Australia reserve the right to remove any vehicle that does not comply.
  • No Nitromethane fuels or Nitro-based additives allowed.
Drivers/Riders Requirements
  • All Off-Street drivers/riders must hold a P1 Provisional Licence (Red P-Plates) as a minimum.
  • All drivers/riders must be over 18 years of age to compete.
  • No Learners' Permits will be accepted.
  • All Off-Street dirvers/riders must comply with all safety equipment set by the Off- Street Drag Racing Guidelines.
  • All IHRA Australia licenced drivers/riders must comply with all safety requirements set in the IHRA Australia Supplementary Ruel App.
  Conditions of Entry  
  • Failure to comply with andy Sydney Dragway or IHRA Australia rule or regulation will result in disciplinary action.
  • On-the spot fines and disqualification from the event will be enforced.
  • Sydney Dragway will enforce lengthy suspension if/when required.
  • No alcohol or illicit substances are to be brought into the venue.
  • Drivers must have a zero alcohol level to compete.
  • Sydney Dragway and IHRA Australia will conduct random breath testing within the venue.
  • No speeding, overtaking on the return road, burnouts, drifting or any antisocial behaviour will be tolerated.
  • All drivers and spectators are required to follow the directions of all Roll Drags/ Sydney Dragway Staff, Sydney Dragway officials and IHRA Australia Officials at all times.
  • All other Sydney Dragway Track Regulations and IHRA Australia Rules and Regulations will apply at all times.
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