IHRA 20th March 2020  
  From behind the desk of Maurice Allen CEO IHRA Australia,
I would like to reassure all racers by way of an update regarding COVID-19
  IHRA Australia is working hard behind the scenes and we are writing to you to provide an update on the measures that we are putting into place to look after our loyal supporters. This includes discussions with government departments, IHRA Member Tracks and insurance companies, all with the intention of keeping Drag Racing in Australia as sustainable as possible during these difficult times.  
  We have made a decision to freeze the renewal of credentials for the next 30 days due to the massive decline in the Australian Dollar against the US Dollar.  
  IHRA Australia has capped the price of the One Year Licence at $230.00 AU  
  As a result, and to help ease the burden for our loyal competitors, members and supporters, we are freezing all new licence and renewal prices for the next 30 days.
Please understand if you are not intending to race within the next 30-60 days you are not required to renew your IHRA Licence as a grace period has been put in place for the next 30-60 days.
  To combat the sudden drop in the Australian Dollar, we have capped all licence fees.  
  • C1, C2 and C3 Licences capped at $230.00 AU
  • Street / Modified Street Bike Licences capped at $135.00 AU
  • Junior Competition Licences capped at $125.00 AU
  It is important to understand that the US Office will be closed due to COVID-19  
  Until further notice, ALL correspondence must be sent to Melbourne Head Office via email, mail or over the phone.
  All payments must be processed directly with us.  
Attention: Melanie Wyatt
7/62 Ramset Drive
Chirnside Park
Vic 3116
Phone: 03 9736 9578
  IHRA Australia is committed to helping all racers through these difficult times.  
  We appreciate your understanding and lets work together to keep drag racing alive and well in Australia.  
  Kind Regards
Maurice Allen

Attention All IHRA Australia Competition Licence Holders
We would like to remind you that if your IHRA Australia competition licence has expired, you will be granted 12 months to renew your licence.
During this 12 month period you do not have to worry about losing your race number.
We would also like to thank you and your team for your ongoing support of IHRA Australia, and we hope that you and your family stay safe during this global crisis.
We look forward to seeing you at the race track.
New Multi Day Reciprocal Event Licence
IHRA - 27th February 2020
Attention Racers
IHRA Australia has introduced a new Multi Day Reciprocal Event Licence (MDREL), which is available for all racers, with current alternative sanctioning body credentials, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
  1. Download MDREL form
  2. Send to IHRA Australia Head Office with $75.00 fee
  3. Present Vehicle/Bike at Track for Full IHRA Audit
  4. SEND IT


  • Request and Payment for a MDREL form, must be completed prior to the event.
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative Sanctioning Body must be provided.
  • Teams responsibility to ensure that vehicle meets all IHRA Australia Class regulations and Class designations.
  • Technical Inspect (100% Scrutineering) to be completed at Track by an IHRA Technical Officer (Valid for Event Only).
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with regulations and clas designation. 
400 THUNDER / IHRA Joint Statement
IHRA - 6th February 2020
In response to an article published in yesterdays paper regarding Top Fuel Racer Wayne Newby, IHRA Australia & 400 Thunder have issued the following statement:
“in light of the article published on the Daily Telegraph on the 5th February 2020, we acknowledge the seriousness of the charges and subsequent conviction of Wayne Newby.
IHRA Australia and 400 Thunder are undertaking a joint investigation into the case given the seriousness of the issue. The results of this will be shared with his team, Rapisarda Autosport International and Wayne himself.
It is important to note that Wayne has taken full responsibility in his actions surrounding the case in question. He has pleaded guilty before the courts and accepts his sentence in full. His prior impeccable record regarding this type of charge has been considered by the courts and has been a significant factor in the outcome... READ MORE
IHRA - 14/01/2020
Chirnside Park Vic, IHRA Australia announces a 3 Year Sanctioning Agreement with Palmyra Dragway.
Palmyra Dragway is situated in Mackay Qld, and is one of the longest and oldest facilities in Australia steeped in history. Palmyra Dragway is a Full Quarter Mile facility in beautiful Far North Queensland.
IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen stated that this announcement is exciting for all Qld Drag Racers and Fans alike, as this now gives everyone in the region three great facilities to race at, including Springmount Raceway and Willowbank Raceway. The growth of Drag Racing in Queensland at the moment is fantastic and exciting and the addition of Palmyra Dragway is terrific for the future growth and sustainability for the Sport.
Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams
IHRA - 28/11/2019
Effective Immediately
AS/NZS 1698-2006 or AS/NZS 1698 - ECE R22-05 - M2010 and M2015 Standards are primarily used in the motorcycle industry only. These helmets do not come with pre drilled / tapped mounting ports for the fitment of the Frontal Head Restraint System.
Therefore these helmets will not be used with the Frontal Head Restraint System. These actions have led to this Bulletin. IHRA Australia Technical Department wish to advise all Junior Dragster Teams that an updated helmet MATRIX has been made available on the IHRA Australia website.  
Note: Motorcycle Helmets are strictly prohibited for the use with the Frontal Head Restraint System. 
IHRA Australia
IHRA - 6/12/2019
IHRA Australia would like to clarify our position in relation to a recent announcement in the USA, surrounding a new class for Junior Dragster.
Recently IHRA Australia increased the age limit to 18 years of age, this decision was made to fill a void, that could occur with Junior Dragster racers not being able to step into a bigger race car...
IHRA - 13/09/2019
Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams
As we can all appreciate, safety is paramount, and we must all play a part in keeping our future stars of the sport safe and protected throughout their journey in junior drag racing.
Therefore in keeping with world standards IHRA Australia Tech Department has announced that all Junior categories A/JD, B/JD and C/JD competitors, commencing January 1st 2020 will be required to wear a head and neck restraint/system meeting SFI 38.1 OR fia 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010..... 
IHRA - 11/09/2019
Ever wanted to work in Motorsport? Now is your opportunity!

IHRA Australia is looking for the right people to enhance our existing race-day team in Victoria.
The people we're looking for will be trained as IHRA Stewards and IHRA Australia Technical Inspectors.

All IHRA Australia Technical Inspectors will be SFI Certified

You will need to bring the following skills with you:

  • Technically-minded

  • Attention to Detail
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer skills
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Equally comfortable working in a team environment or on your own
  • The ability to be firm but fair in your dealings with racers
  • Reasonable grasp of our racing classes
  • Good basic understanding of drag racing

A reasonable level of fitness is also needed as you will be on your feet for reasonably long periods while you perform your duties.
Please contact IHRA Australia via email.
Reciprocal Event Licences
IHRA - 8/08/2019
Attention Racers
Reciprocal Event Licences are available for all Professional and Sportsman racers with an alternative sanctioning body, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
You can DOWNLOAD and complete this document and send to

 Click Here to Download Form

  • One-Day Event Licence for Professional and Sportsman Categories
  • Cost of IHRA Australia Event Licence is ONLY $50.00 to the Racer
  • Technical Inspection to be completed at Track by IHRA Australia Technical Officer (Valid for Event ONLY)
  • A Reciprocal Event Licence can ONLY be purchased twice in the same season
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative sanctioning body must be provided
  • Request and payment for a Reciprocal Event Licence must be completed prior to the Event.
  • Allocated times will be made available for the vehicle to be inspected
  • Teams responsibility to ensure the vehicle meets all IHRA Australia class regulations and class designations
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with class regulations and class designations

IHRA - 19/06/2019
Attention Competitors - Professional / Sportsman
Please ensure that everyone in your race team reads and understands the ban on leaded racing fuels at all IHRA Australia sanctioned events. As you are aware the ban comes into place on July 1st 2019, effecting the sport as a whole. This means that fuel suppliers are no longer allowed to sell or give away any racing fuels to any teams that contain "LEAD" 
Please understand that if you have any leftover racing fuel that contains Lead you will not be able to bring it to the racetrack. There will be strict sanctions imposed on any competitor caught.
As part of IHRA Australia's  ongoing fuel testing, it will be policy that random fuel samples will be collected and tested by IHRA Australia Stewards after a run has been completed. Fuel samples will be sent for further independent analysis after each event.
If the sample returns a positive for lead, the competitor will be in breach of Section13 Racing Fuels Approvals (Unleaded) as set down by the minister for the Environment and Energy Hon Josh Frydenberg MP as 16th December 2016

As a result any competitor returning a positive fuel result will be faced with a 12 month suspension and a $5000 monetary fine. 
IHRA - 1/07/2019
IHRA Australia's Performance Sportsman Record Review Committee would like to advise Performance and Sportsman competitors that as of 1st July 2019 that all National Records have been reset. Current Record holders names will remain in place until reset at future events.
Performance racers are now able to set MPH Records in Qualifying and Racing with ET Record setting unchanged.
Sportsman racers are now able to set either MPH or ET Records from any 2 runs in Qualifying or Racing.
Click to visit Reset IHRA Australia National Records
IHRA Australia Adds Exciting New Category to Pro Alcohol
IHRA - 24/04/2019

IHRA Australia is excited about adding a new category into the Professional Class of Pro Alcohol.


The class will be known as: Pro Alcohol Injected Nitro Dragster.

The bracket designation: PA/IND (Pro Alcohol / Injected Nitro Dragster).


In working with the Pro Alcohol association it was seen by all as a positive step... READ MORE
Performance Sportsman Record Review Committee
IHRA - 11/04/2019
IHRA Australia would like to announce the implementation of a new Performance Sportsman Record Review Committee.
This committee will cover all areas of the IHRA Australia Performance and Sportsman categories.

This committee will consist of the following members:
Tony Polito
Ron Newton
Shayne Homes

IHRA Australia looks forward to working with this Record Review Committee in achieving the best possible outcome for the sport.
VP Fuels QM25 Added to IHRA Approved Fuels List
IHRA - 19/02/2019
Designed for naturally aspirated, high revving applications. QM25 is an oxygenated unleaded racing fuel like no other! Compared to other Unleaded racing fuels, QM25 has shown to have significant torque and HP gains.
Suited for Australian Pro Stock, Super Stock and N/A drag racing applications.
* Re-tuning is required.
* for any tech enquiries please contact VP Racing Fuels on (02) 9723 4233, or
Fake FIA Harness  (Reminder) 
IHRA - 19/02/2019

Just a reminder that these fake harnesses for sale on eBay and other on-line stores have been sited at Willowbank Raceway recently.

Most of these harnesses are marketed as being well-known brands, such as Parco, Takata or Sabelt, but others may also exist. The harnesses appear genuine, but are copies made by unapproved manufacturers... READ MORE
Implementation of New Pro Slammer Review Panel
IHRA - 26/02/2019

HRA Australia is pleased to announce the implementation of a new review panel being commissioned by IHRA Australia and Pro Slammer, this new initiative has seen the appointment of a dedicated group of individuals covering all areas of the Drag Racing Industry.

Maurice Allen IHRA Australia CEO sees  this review panel as a great step forward for Pro Slammer that  will see the Panel meet three times per year to discuss and implement policies  overseeing  areas such as protective clothing, minimum race car specifications (including SFI), areas of safety equipment, Which will all help to ultimately deliver a standard spec vehicle for Australian ¼ Mile Pro Slammer racing for both current and  new cars entering Pro Slammer.


The Panel will consist of the following members:

Craig Burns

Mark Hinchelwood

Steven Ham

Ron Newton

Victor Bray


IHRA Australia looks forward to working with this review panel in achieving the best possible outcome for the sport.

IHRA - 16/02/2019
Helmet laws changed quite dramatically in 2016, leaving many riders confused, but the bottom line is you can now wear helmets that are ‘European standard’, opening up a range of new brands and helmets to riders, and potentially encouraging competition among manufacturers. Australian standards still apply, but any helmet that falls under these classifications is ‘fit for purpose...READ MORE

Click to view PDF version
Statement Regarding Race Vehicle No:125  Santo's Summer Thunder 19th January 2019
IHRA - 11/02/2019
Due to the team failing to fulfill  a request to supply technical data, the decision by IHRA Australia has been made to withdraw race car no: 125 from the final results.
The event results will stand with no winner declared.
SYDNEY DRAGWAY: To our valued racers, supporters and fans
IHRA - 29/11/2019
The sanctioning body for Sydney Dragway, IHRA Australia, has conducted a series of investigations following the incident involving Sam Fenech’s Pro Slammer at the Santo’s Summer Thunder event last Saturday.
Inspection of the catch net system has identified that one of the support posts at the side of the net has been damaged...
VALE: Des Curnow (Blackjack Racing)
IHRA - 30/12/2018
IHRA Australia are saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Des Curnow owner of the retired Blackjack Racing Team.
We would like to pass on our deepest condolences to his wife Helen and sons Brett and Darren and to Des's family.
Des started of Drag Racing back in the early 90's with his Black VL Commodore in which...
Effective Immediately  VP Racing Fuels PSX+ Re Homologation
IHRA - 27/12/2018
IHRA Australia would like to inform racers that VP Race Fuels has been working to resolve previous issues with the specific gravity of its race fuel (PSX +) and has now re homologated the fuel to ensure a consistent outcome for all parties. This fuel is available to use at the next event and onwards. Should you have any queries regarding your fuel do not hesitate to contact VP Race fuels in Sydney on (02) 9723 4233
IHRA Australia Recruiting Stewards for Sydney Dragway NSW
IHRA - 20/11/2018
Ever wanted to work in motorsport? Now is your opportunity. IHRA Australia is now recruiting stewards for Sydney Dragway NSW.
For further information please contact Tim Nielsen at
Atlantic Oils and Sydney Dragway Ink New Partnership
IHRA - 20/11/2018

Sydney Dragway and Atlantic Oils are pleased to announce that from 2019, Atlantic Oils will become the naming rights partner of the East Coast Thunder to be held in November at the iconic Sydney Dragway.

It is the first time that Atlantic Oils has entered a naming rights partnership, after 7 years or associate sponsorship on the multi car Top Fuel team...

400 Thunder Series Competitors Boosted by Sunoco Race Fuels
IHRA - 01/11/2018

Sunoco Race Fuels has been named the Official Fuel of the 400 Thunder Drag Racing Series. Sanctioned by IHRA Australia, the 400 Thunder Professional and Sportsman Championship racers are in line for a share of the lucrative new contingency program.

This weekend's East Coast Thunder Event, will be the first time Sydney Dragway competitors will be eligible for a share of over $50,000 on offer through the new Sunoco cash awards...

IHRA Australia Set to Launch Junior Drag Bike
IHRA - 31/08/2018

Exciting news IHRA Australia is preparing to roll out Junior Drag Bike (JDB) in Australia.

IHRA Australia has been working behind the scenes to put a program together, which will allow JDB Racing to be introduced.

IHRA Australia is excited about the opportunity that this presents for all young motorcycle enthusiasts...

IHRA Australia Reward Top 5 Point Scorers
IHRA - 22/05/2018

In an Australian drag racing first, IHRA Australia / 400 Thunder are now going to reward the Top 5 point’s scorers after the 51st Gulf Western Winternationals, with the prestige of running a single digit number for the following season.

With growing numbers across the board in all IHRA Australia / 400 Thunder categories this is an...


IHRA - 07/05/2018

A historic night of racing concluded with a the first ever all-female Top Fuel Final Round at the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder at Sydney Dragway, in front of a massive crowd on Saturday night.

Rookie sensation Kelly Bettes outclassed a solid top fuel field to best Top Fuel Veteran Rachelle Splatt in what was Bettes’ third consecutive win in the 400 Thunder Championship Series...

IHRA - 01/05/2018
Californian speedster Ashley Sanford will re-join her Rapisarda Autosport International team mates Wayne Newby and Damien Harris for the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder meeting at Sydney Dragway on May 4-5.
I "can't wait to return to Australia," said Sanford. "Even though our last race, where we finished fifth wasn't the best. I'm confident that our Rapisarda Autosport International team and crew are going to get it done this time in Sydney...
IHRA - 24/04/2018
IHRA Australia have been issuing licences in Australia for the last 3 years, and have reserved race numbers up to 6000 to accommodate racers transitioning to IHRA Australia and having their current race number reserved.
As of 1st July 2018 this transition period will cease. All race numbers left vacant will be available for re-issue. Head office will do its best to full fill all requests where possible.
Please Note: A fee for two, three and four digit numbers will apply.

For more information Email:
IHRA Australia Appoint Technical Inspector in South Australia
IHRA - 17/04/2018
IHRA Australia are please to advise all South Australian racers that we have appointed experience Technical Inspector Michael De Rose.
With the remaining two major 400 Thunder Events it helps SA racers prepare for these two upcoming events.
Michael's details have been updated on this website.
IHRA Introduces Melanie Wyatt to the role of Office Administration
IHRA - 12/04/2018

IHRA Australia would like to introduce Melanie Wyatt to the Role of Office Administration. Melanie has a previous background in the Hot Rod Industry and has also been involved in Dirt Drag racing as well. Melanie also enjoys spending time with her horses on the weekend, a little bit more subtle Horse Power Somewhat explains Melanie. Who has also attended may previous Drag Racing events over the years. We look forward to Melanie taking on this role and no doubt all of the racers will come to know her as the voice over the phone at Head Office.

Please forward all Licencing documents and all General enquires to Melanie at the IHRA Australia Head Office by either Email or Phone: 03 9736 9578 

IHRA - 06/04/2018

IHRA Australia have created the Position of Technical Director to oversee all areas of Technical rules and safety rules as the IHRA moves into a period of extended growth across Australia. Longtime NSW Racer and Official Tim Nielsen has been appointed to the role effective immediately. Tim's knowledge and experience as both a racer and administrator in Drag racing will stand him in good stead for the position...

IHRA - 02/04/2018

Notice of Recall: Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong.

To all Racers, Sanctioning Body Officials, Equipment Wholesalers and Retailers,

Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong have been found to be non-compliant with SFI Specification 16.1...

400 Thunder Championships on Knife edge after Santo's Super Thunder
IHRA - 31/03/2018

Both Top Fuel Kelly and Pro Alcohol Championship points tables closed right up after an exciting night of 400 Thunder Drag Racing at Willowbank Raceway on Good Friday.

In Top Fuel Kelly Bettes won her second straight event at the wheel of the Lamattina Family's Fuchs Dragster. In winning the event Bettes scored maximum points and setting the quickest time in the first two rounds with a best of...

IHRA - 09/02/2018

IHRA Australia has increased the upper age limit for Junior Dragster competitors. Upon Driver turning 18 years of age any further competition is forbidden...

IHRA - 20/01/2018
Rookie Top Fuel driver Kelly Bettes took a stunning upset maiden win at round 3 of the 400 Thunder Tip Fuel Championship at the Santo's Summer Thunder in Sydney last night.
Bettes backed up her performance from night one with a solid effort that netted enough points under the All-Run format of racing... 
IHRA AUSTRALIA Reciprocal Sportsman Event Licence
IHRA - 19/01/2018
This Bulletin is to outline the procedures for a reciprocal event Licence for competitors who hold a Sportsman Licence with an alternative sanctioning body and who wish to compete at an IHRA Australia sanctioned facility...
IHRA AUSTRALIA / 400 Thunder Professional Event Licence
IHRA - 19/01/2018
This Bulletin is to outline the procedures for a reciprocal event Licence for competitors who hold a Professional Licence with an alternative sanctioning body and who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia sanctioned 400 Thunder Professional Championship Event...

George Vella Story

Tragic news out of Mackay Queensland with the news that George and Frank Vella have passed away in a workplace incident. George was a terrific person who competed in Pro Stock Motorcycle and was only competing a few weeks ago at Willowbank Raceway. The Drag racing community would like to extend its sincere condolences to George's family friends in these terrible events.

He will be missed by all that knew him.

Godspeed George Vella PSM # 932

IHRA - 14/12/2017
Summer Slammers Coming to Sydney Dragway
Sydney Dragway- IHRA - 12/12/2017

After the loss of the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series  championship round due to be run at Calder Park in January, Sydney Dragway will now host round 4 of the 2017-18 Pro Slammer Championship at the Santo’s Summer Thunder in January 2018.

IHRA Australia Recruiting Stewards for Willowbank Raceway Qld
Willowbank Raceway- IHRA - 01/12/2017
Ever wanted to work in motorsport? Now is your opportunity. IHRA Australia is now recruiting stewards for Willowbank Raceway.
For further information please contact Maurice Allen at ...
Larry Ormsby releases limited edition book " The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook"
- The Ford Years -
IHRA - 29/11/2017
In a must-have for all Drag Racing and Muscle Car fans, legendary Australian drag racer, the Big . Larry Ormsby has just released a stunning, limited edition book detailing the early years of his incredible career...
400 Thunder Drag Racing on 7mate
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 24/11/2017
Australia's professional drag racing series 400 Thunder today confirmed the initial programing for 400 Thunder Drag Racing to be aired on 7mate commencing on 30th November...
AC Delco East Coast Thunder Draws to a Spectacular Conclusion
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 05/11/2017
Despite the best efforts of mother nature, the AC Delco East Coast Thunder was drawn to a close with sensational racing across the 400 Thunder Professional Series...
Champions rein supreme after qualifying for AC Delco East Coast Thunder
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 04/11/2017
Current 400 Thunder Series Champions Wayne Newby, Chris Matheson and Aaron Tremayne will lead their respective classes into eliminations after qualifying was abbreviated by rain with the final session of Top Fuel left to run...
400 Thunder Announces Channel 7 Deal
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 31/10/2017
Australia's Professional Drag Racing Series, 400 Thunder today confirmed that an agreement has been finalised with Channel 7 to air 400 Thunder Drag Racing on 7mate moving forward...
Issue of Logbooks - Information for all Queensland Racers & Team Owners
IHRA - 12/10/2017
All Log Book Applications and renewals will now be required to be processed through the IHRA Australia head office. This means that racers in Queensland will have to send through the Log Book application...
Sydney Dragway goes PINK for Women's Cancers during October
IHRA - Sydney Dragway 11/10/2017
Sydney Dragway has a long history of being associated with charity and female racers, so when the opportunity arose to show a softer side and also support for the prevention of women's cancers, it seemed like a natural fit...
AC Delco Signs Naming Rights Partnership with Sydney Dragway
IHRA - 400 Thunder 09/10/2017
Aftermarket automotive industry leader ADCelco has today announced an agreement to secure the naming rights to the East Coast Thunder to be held at Sydney Dragway in November...
Sportsman Performance Classes move to National Records System
IHRA - 400 Thunder 03/10/2017
As part of their commitment to keep Australian Drag Racing competitive, relevant and fair, 400 Thunder and IHRA Australia have approved an overhaul to the 400 Thunder Sportsman Series Performance Classes...
Top Fuel Drag Racing to compete over 1000ft.
IHRA - 400 Thunder 29/09/2017
Australia's professional drag racing series, 400 Thunder today confirmed that commencing at the AC Delco East Coast Thunder event to be held at Sydney Dragway in early November, Top Fuel Dragsters will race to 1000ft...
New plate holders ready to carry #1 into new Season
IHRA - 400 Thunder 13/07/2017
With the 400 THUNDER Professional Drag Racing Season drawing to a close after the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals, a new breed of champions is ready to carry their respective number ones...
Paul Mouhayet's 68 Mustang Measures Up
IHRA - 400 Thunder 05/07/2017
Only hours after Paul Mouhayet's brand new 68 Mustang Pro Slammer was delivered from the United States, IHRA Australia were on hand to see if the Mustang would measure up....
Kelly Bettes 4.660 @ 326.87
IHRA - 26/06/2017 - Willowbank Raceway
Kelly Bettes 4.66 @ 326.87 IHRA Australia would like to congratulate Kelly Bettes and the Lamattina Team for completing there Top Fuel Licence. Kelly is the first Australian female to...
Phase out of LEADED Fuels
IHRA - 22/06/2017
Date: 22/06/2017 Att: All Competitors, Engine Builders, Speed Shops. Re: Phase out of Leaded Fuels. We wish to inform all Competitors that a decision by the Australian Minister for the...
Weather Curtails Winternationals Eliminations
IHRA - 400 Thunder - 21/06/2017 Willowbank Raceway
400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series. The fourth and final day of the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals was set to be a fitting finale of what had been an...
Records Tumble at Winternationals Day 3
IHRA - 400 Thunder - 10/06/2017 - Willowbank Raceway
Records tumble at Winternationals Day 3. The 400 Thunder Series picked up where it left off at the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals on Saturday afternoon, with two qualifying sessions...
History made in 400 Thunder early qualifying
IHRA - 400 Thunder - 10/06/2017 - Willowbank Raceway
History made in 400 Thunder early qualifying. The 400 Thunder Series put on a show Friday evening with the first round of Professional Series qualifying for the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals...
Nitro Thunder National Records
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
IHRA Australia would like to thank all competitors who competed at the Gulf Western Oils Nitro Thunder event held at Sydney Dragway on the 5th and 6th May 2017...
NITRO THUNDER Sends the Record Books Tumbling
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
One of the most historic days of Australian Drag Racing is in the record books - now overflowing with new standards from the 2017 Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder. The...
Day One of Nitro Thunder Delivers in Sydney
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
DAY ONE OF NITRO THUNDER DELIVERS IN SYDNEY The Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder delivered a spectacular opening day, providing some of the...
Nitro Thunder Event Preview
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
Nitro Thunder Event Preview The Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder will hit Sydney Dragway with a storm of horsepower t assault the senses on the 5th and 6th of May...
IHRA - 400 Thunder 12/02/2017
IHRA as a recognised leader in safety standards has been working to improve safety standards within Australia.
Working closely with the 400 Thunder Championship, as well as both Willowbank Raceway and Sydney Dragway, IHRA Australia is extremely keen to see safety standards for competitors improve...
Communications Provider OVO Mobile has secured the live streaming broadcast rights for the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series.
This App is available for download via the App Store and Android devices.
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